Hi! I'm Dylan Kildebeck, a twenty-seven year old Instructional Designer with 6+ years of experience. I thrive on creating state of the art, user engaging content in an aging learning industry. I specialize in Millenial and Gen Z learning styles. Say goodbye to authortarian baby boomer courses, demanding the user what to do. My main goal is to make learning as simple, concise, and effective as I can for each and every user. Utilizing simulations, interactive video, state of the art motion graphics, and peer learning.

   The short story is that I design and develop custom training solutions to meet your needs. If you need web based computer training, interactive video training, or just want to re-vamp some of your outdated online courses, I can help you out. I aim to make all of my clients happy. I can provide you with a needs assessment with your current situation to potentially save you money by making your training more effective and up to date. Please pop by my Portfolio page to see what I can do for you!